Bike Riding in Ubud

Bike Riding in Ubud


We recently went to Ubud to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and decided to explore the surrounding villages by bike, dressed in Choo - no less. 

I'd excitedly grabbed samples for us all to wear, and packed a few styles, but only in the one print. So we ended up looking like a giddy lady cult, all dressed in same-same-but-different versions of each other. Onlookers would very quickly ascertain an excessive admiration for bandana print or anticipate some sort of middle aged von Trapps in Bali enactment.

No surprise that this adventure was full of hilarity.  

A little bus picked us up to get to the bikes, winding roads and cascading rice fields called for spontaneous side of road spins.


Eventually we made it to the starting point, and the real expedition began.

Elegant and floaty are not quite the words that come to mind when reminiscing about our cycling skills, although I can still clearly see the puffy sleeves and ballooning frills and dress hems catching air, flying down the narrow paths in succession. Fumbling at the gears and the odd wobble off onto unpaved but well-worn tracks, it was all grace and giggles.

We saw beautiful scenery, peppered with warm curious smiles as we peddled in mirth, our efforts echoing through the valley. The hills were alive, indeed.

The smocks proved to be the most unlikely cycle attire but looking back, I can’t think of a better cult ensemble to steer our way around Ubud in. I thoroughly recommend a joyride with friends of such sort. 

More adventures to come

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