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Not Green Washing


It's a rather popular word at the moment. It’s a good word, in theory, and especially in most cases has very good intentions, but in all honesty is not relevant for any garment or product made, the world over.

To be truly sustainable, we would not make anything, we would not pillage the earth any more, we would recoup what we have lost and find ways to create nothing, buy nothing new, especially waste nothing we already have.

As a brand, we must invest our time in making pieces that matter, that are worth the wait. That we will all cherish and wear, and wear, and re-style, and mend and appreciate.

I trust that when you invest in our pieces, they find their forever homes, that they are well looked after, that they wear beautifully day in and day out with the rest of your treasured wardrobe. I only wish that every piece you own is one of your most favourite, easy to wear, throw on as you are running out the door at a moments notice pieces, and have people admire and stop you in the street to make positive conversation.


We have teamed up with an environmental group called Ecologi and for every item we sell, a tree is planted. This is done through the non-profit Eden Reforestation Projects of which they select areas for reforestation. 

In addition to this we offset the carbon footprint of our whole team. Since December 2020, we have been completely carbon neutral. This in total is 42T CO2e to be offset over the course of a year. To calculate this footprint, data has been collected from the World Bank which reports CO2 and other greenhouse emissions that occur in our country of residence, Indonesia, and also using data from Global Carbon Project. On behalf of us, Ecologi have combined these imported emissions with the country of residence emissions. Finally, adding 15% to this value to ensure we are becoming climate positive by offsetting more than our footprint.  



We’re not here to do any green washing. We avoid using any catchy phrases. We are doing our best to give as much information and transparency on what we make, why we make it, who helps us to bring it to life, how we distribute it and also what happens after when you guys receive our beautiful pieces. We welcome you to reach out to us with any ideas on how to do better, together.


We all know that returns is a damaging and wasteful practise and not something that is sustainable at all, both for the planet and for businesses.
We rarely accept returns for this reason, but on the case that it is accepted, the least we can do is plant more trees. First and foremost, we recommend researching the product thoroughly before buying. If it truly wasn't right, then giving to a friend or reselling to someone locally. In the case a return is accepted, 25 trees are planted on behalf of your return. This is non negotiable.
We believe in our beautiful dresses and respect the time each stunning pieces takes to be hand made. Please reach out to us with any questions before buying to avoid excess returns.